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Coming Soon

  • The contaminated soil transfer facility will accept soil and hydrovac slurry exceeding the Industrial Land Use Standard (IL) but less than the Hazardous Waste Standard (HW).
  • Engineer designed to exceed all environmental Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
  • Covered containment area will be constructed with a dual HDPE liner, leachate collection and treatment.
  • Conveniently located to several major transportation routes.
  • Truck, barge and rail access.
  • Soil disposal is invoiced by the metric tonne. Weights are determined at the facility with a regularly calibrated truck scale.

Phase 1 construction expected to be complete by Mid-2023. Barge access construction expected to be completed by Mid-2024.

July 27th, 2021



PER Permit No. 16-271


Project Overview

Summit Earthworks (Summit) has received approval from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA; the port authority) to build a new soil transfer and barge facility on a vacant lot adjacent to Derwent Way that is under the jurisdiction of the port authority.

The soil transfer and barge facility design includes the following components:

  • A lined, paved and covered material storage area
  • Containment walls
  • Noise, aesthetic and dust mitigation features
  • A scale house
  • Truck wheel wash station
  • Water treatment system
  • Fuel storage tank
  • Conveyor/marine infrastructure
  • Supporting civil infrastructure such as roads and drainage

Construction Activities

Construction of the project will include the following phases:

  • Site Preparation and Land Construction – site clearing and tree removal, rail monitoring installation, rough grading and excavation, utilities installation, soil storage area and roof construction, scale installation, water treatment installation, fuel storage tank installation, fine grading and paving and site restoration
  • Marine Construction – piling and conveyance system installation

Construction Schedule

Construction began as announced in August 2021. Following a pause in construction due to weather and engineering review we are scheduled to resume construction mid February. The site preparation and land-based construction phase is anticipated to continue into late Spring/early Summer 2022. For updates and changes please visit our facility webpage (

The marine infrastructure is scheduled to begin Fall 2022 into early 2023 during allowable periods for in water works.

Construction and physical activities related to the facility will occur between Monday and Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., excluding statutory holidays.

Potential Construction Impacts

The primary potential impacts during construction will be:

  • Truck traffic – No routine or consistently scheduled truck traffic is required for the construction phase of the project
  • Noise and dust – Industry best practices and management plans will be followed during construction to reduce noise and dust
  • Lighting – Site lighting will be added as needed and directed down onto the site, in accordance with the port authority lighting guidelines

Contact Information

Summit is committed to ongoing communication during construction and operations. Information and updates will be placed on the project website

Further to the public engagement events and public comment period held in Summer 2020, we have prepared a summary and considerations report to capture all public consultation feedback received. A pdf copy of the report is now available for viewing below. We have also re-posted a pdf copy of our previous summary and considerations report relating to the first public comment period, which took place in 2017.

Please refer to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s webpage for additional project related information.

Public Engagement Summary and Considerations Report PDF – Oct 9, 2020

Public Consultation Summary and Consideration Report PDF – Apr 25, 2019

  • Port Authority: For questions about the Port Authority’s Project and Environmental Review of the project, please contact the port authority at  or 604.665.9047.

New Westminster, BC


Andrew Schmidt, Facility Manager