Duncan Avenue

Contaminated Soil Treatment Facility – Mission, BC

  • Ministry of Environment permitted.
  • Soil Treatment Facility. Engineer designed & constructed with a dual HDPE liner, leachate collection and treatment.
  • Accepts soil and hydrovac slurries with contaminants exceeding the Industrial Land Use Standard (IL) but less than the Hazardous Waste Standard (HW).
  • This high-capacity facility can receive up to 2000 tonnes per day. Convenient location, adjacent to major transport routes.
  • Soil disposal is invoiced by the metric tonne. Weights are determined at the facility with a, regularly calibrated, truck scale.
  • All truck configurations can be received.
  • This facility includes barge offloading for vessels up to 4000 metric tonne capacity.

Mission, BC


Andrew Schmidt, Facility Manager

Please call or email to book your soil and hydrovac slurry disposal!