Joel Properties Contaminated Soil Treatment Facility

  • Ministry of Environment permitted.
  • Engineer designed & constructed with a dual HDPE liner, leachate collection and treatment.
  • Accepts soil and hydrovac slurries with contaminants exceeding the Industrial Land Use Standard (IL) but less than the Hazardous Waste Standard (HW).
  • Accepts wood waste and organic debris.
  • All truck configurations can be received.
  • Rail offload facility located within close proximity to allow for large volumes.
  • Soil disposal is invoiced by the metric tonne. Weights are determined at the facility with a regularly calibrated truck scale.


News & Announcements 

Application No. 387933


Application for a Permit Amendment Under The Provisions of the Environmental Management Act

We, Joel Properties Limited of 9259 Main St, Chilliwack, BC, intend to submit this amendment application to the Director to amend Permit 5335, issued December 19, 1978, and last amended May 5, 2017, which authorizes the discharge to land the following materials:

  • Wood waste refuse from various sawmills and board plants located in or near Quesnel, BC. The wood waste refuse must be wood residue with a linear dimension not to exceed 60 cm, bark, rock, soil, and/or boiler ash
  • Soils originating from within BC with substance concentrations less than industrial land use Standards specified in the Contaminated Sites Regulation

The land upon which the facility is situated, and the discharge occurs, is Lot A, Plan 26052 District, Lot 7283 and a Portion of District Lot 7286 Cariboo District, and Lot B Plan 26052, DL 7283 LD 05 Except Plan 32210 & 32307 & DL’s 7286 & 5012, located at termination of Commons Ave, Quesnel, BC, within the Cariboo Regional District.

The amendment requests that the following conditions be changed as follows:

  • Increase the maximum authorized annual rate of discharge refuse from 28,000 m3/year to 56,000 m3/year
  • Increase the maximum authorized annual treatment volume of contaminated soil and media from 25,000 m3/year to 50,000 m3/year

Further information regarding this project is available on Any person who may be adversely affected by the proposed discharge of waste and wishes to provide relevant information may, within 30 days after the last date of posting, publishing, service or display, send written comments to the applicant, with a copy to the Director, Environmental Protection at or by mail to 400-640 Borland Street, Williams Lake BC, V2G 4T1. The identity of any respondents and the contents of anything submitted in relation to this application will become part of the public record.

Contact Information:

Andrew Schmidt – Facilities Manager


Quesnel, BC


Andrew Schmidt, Facility Manager

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