Civil Construction

Culvert Rehabilitation

Corrugated Steel Pipe Replacement | (4 Locations) Chilliwack, BC

Summit Earthworks Inc. was selected by the City of Chilliwack via public tender to complete the drainage improvements at four separate locations in Chilliwack, BC.  

General scope, outline and project activities include:

  • Removal of existing Corrugated Steel Pipe and Wood Stave Culverts, completed with disposal per regulatory guidelines.
  • Installation of Concrete Culverts at four local locations.
  • Installation of Sierra Slope Retaining Wall at specified locations.
  • Project completed during DFO approved fish window, and required major bypass plumping at all four locations.
  • Site 1 – removal and disposal of two 15-meter 1400mm corrugated steel pipe
  • Site 1 – installation of three 15-meter 1200mm concrete culverts
  • Site 2 – removal and disposal of 10-meters of 1650mm corrugated steel pipe
  • Site 2 – installation of two 10-meter 1350mm concrete culverts
  • Site 3 – removal and disposal of 15-meters of 120mm corrugated steel pipe
  • Site 3 – installation of 15-meter 1650mm concrete culvert
  • Site 4 – removal and disposal of 22.5-meters of 1200mm wood stave culvert
  • Site 4 – installation of 22.5-meters of 1650mm concrete culvert
  • Installation of propex 4553 non-woven geotextiles
  • Installation of class 25kg rip rap at all locations
  • Installation of sierra slope retaining walls at 2 locations



City of Chilliwack