Civil Construction

Royal Ave & Johnson Rd.

The City of White Rock selected Summit Earthworks Inc. to complete the demolition of sidewalks, driveways, and existing roads. Summit built a new road, sidewalks, driveways, and a drainage system on Royal Ave as part of the same scope of work.

The project site is situated within the City of White Rock at the corner of Royal Ave & Johnston Rd. This road was one of the oldest streets in White Rock. The project was completed over 3 months and came in on budget and schedule. As this is a high-density residential area, Summit was able to work with minimal interruptions to the area’s residents.

Summit protected the area residents with traffic control personal as Summit strives to keep the public’s health and safety at the utmost importance. The City of White Rock and its consultants were a pleasure to work with, and Summit looks forward to future projects within the City of White Rock.


Before                                                                                 After