Civil Construction

School District No.36 (Surrey)

Summit Earthworks completed a Subsurface Drainage Improvement project at David Brankin Elementary on 9160 128th Street, Surrey, BC.

Work included installation of 110m of 250mm PVC Storm drainage and (6) 1050mm concrete manholes. Installed oil interceptor and
replaced existing 150mm perimeter drain with new 150mm perforated drainage pipe.

All work was executed on-time and in accordance with the British Columbia Building Code (latest edition) and its supplements, applicable Provincial laws, Local Acts, Regulations.

Health and safety provisions for adjacent occupied spaces were:

  • We constructed a permanent physical and environmental barrier between the construction zone and areas immediately adjacent to the occupied building. Summit maintained this barrier at all times
  • Maintained a negative pressure within the construction zone in relationship to adjacent occupied areas of the building to prevent the migration of dust, fumes, vapours etc. into the occupied building
  • We provided daily clean-up and wet mopping to areas of the occupied building affected by construction activity
  • Provided signage prohibiting access to areas where work is in progress
  • Provided re-directional signage indicating alternate routes of travel for building occupants










City of Surrey