Site Remediation, Soil Transfer

Transport & Disposal of Organics Street Sweeping Material

Summit Earthworks was the selected contractor to complete the District of North Vancouver’s “Transport & Disposal of Organics – Street Sweeping Material” project.

The scope of work includes the sampling, analysis, data review and transport & disposal of collected street sweeping material from the North Vancouver ENG facility. Material is received at our Ministry of Environment approved disposal site. The project contract duration began in 2020 and runs through to 2022.

General scope, outline and project activities include:

  • Communicate / coordinate with the District’s Representative for scheduled removal and disposal of the collected material
  • Provide Services on a continuous/ongoing basis throughout the duration of the contract
  • Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) review of analytical data to confirm material quality and acceptance criteria for designated facilities
  • Provide detailed reporting to the District including sample analytical data, trucking manifests, scale documentation etc.
  • Ensuring that Provincial regulatory process is followed for the handling, transport and receiving of material at permitted facilities
  • Dispatching of dump truck/trailer configurations as required with qualified drivers


District of North Vancouver