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Equipment Rental

Heavy-duty equipment and qualified operators for getting the job done

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A Cost Effective Equipment Alternative

Summit’s team provides complex, time-sensitive, and highly regulated services to developers, environmental consultants, and government bodies across the Lower Mainland. We are a well-equipped and highly trained group of earthworks experts who can mobilize quickly, responding to a variety of construction, remediation, site preparation, and environmental restoration needs.

Because of this, clients are able to leverage our heavy-duty earthworks equipment and operators for their projects, confident that they are getting the most cost-effective solution. Why pay for unnecessary employees, equipment, maintenance, and insurance when you can simply rent the equipment and the operator you need for your one-off job?


Rent from Summit

Do you have a job requiring an excavator, a bulldozer, a sifter, a dump truck, or a similarly specialized item of heavy-duty equipment? Rent the equipment you need from Summit and you will also gain an experienced, fully certified operator who embraces Summit’s core values of health and safety. Get the job done right, safely, and on your timeline.

Choose Summit and choose a cost-effective equipment and operator rental solution.

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