Building with Care: Summit Earthworks’ Commitment to Wildlife Preservation

While currently performing an ecological restoration project consisting of invasive plant removals, seeding, tree planting, and new gravel/wood mulch trail work, our Summit crews encountered some small neighbourhood friends in New Westminster.

A wild duck(mallard) nest was unexpectedly discovered on the project site, and Summit crews immediately ensured the nest was protected and undisturbed following required wildlife management protections. In addition, Summit took the following steps:

  • Summit created a 15-20 meter no-work zone buffer around the nest installed on-site.
  • A third-party environmental technician was called to conduct another wildlife survey to ensure other nests were found and not disturbed.

The nest is judged to be in the incubation stage. This typically lasts up to 28 days. Once the ducks hatch, they’ll leave the nest fairly quickly.

Our Summit crews are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of wildlife in all of our projects. When we discover wildlife nests on our active project sites, we take their management and protection very seriously.