We Tip Our Hard Hats to the Crew

Our crew has been working hard on the Sechelt Landfill Remediation project for the past several months. Plenty of challenges have thrown their way including; numerous design changes, field fit installations, re-work, bears, and exceptionally hot weather. The Crew lead by Superintendent Rob Thompson, includes Donald Hull, Tom Fellows, David Grewal, Dustin Theilen, and crew anchor – Kevin Coris (PM).

They are a well-balanced, seasoned crew with an uncanny ability to find a way to get the job done beyond expectations. The crew has been praised by the local community by their willingness to help out when they asked. They take it upon themselves to offer their assistance and experience where and when needed. They have a solid relationship with the construction engineers at XCG and the Sunshine Coast Regional District’s Landfill operations crew.

Throughout the construction, the Summit crew has been able to keep the landfill operational, which was one of the client’s greatest concerns. The SCRD is extremely grateful for the work of our crew. Because of their dedication and approach, Summit will look for more opportunities with the SCRD and other coastal communities.

June 2021

August 2021