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Health and Safety

Our culture of health and safety guides us in providing solid starts, from the ground up

Safety Means Success

We promise that with every project, we are committed to quality, achievement, and integrity. And we know that our culture of health and safety is key to each of those outcomes. Put simply, our core values of protecting life and supporting health is mission critical. Without them, we would not be successful.



We scrupulously follow the industry’s best practices to ensure each project has the best outcomes, including in terms of safety.

Achievement in Service


We are able to tackle big challenges with intelligent procedures and highly trained staff, eliminating the small mistakes that cause big consequences.



We stand firmly behind our promise to conduct our work in strict accordance with regulatory guidelines that are established to protect health and safety.

Our Health and Safety Program

We deeply value our employees as well as the people who will interact with the projects we are part of. It’s critically important that our employees are able to return home to their families safely at the end of each day. Furthermore, we want our sensitivity to health and safety concerns to translate into projects that will serve people and their environments in the long run. We want our services to enhance the soundness and safety of each project we support as subcontractors.

Providing a safe environment for our employees and solid starts for our developer, government, and environmental consultant clients mean adhering to a comprehensive health and safety program. This program includes policies, procedures, guidelines, and best practices for the tremendous variety of tasks we execute on behalf of our clients.

To this end, our health and safety program includes:

  • Adherence to industry Occupational Health Standards.
  • A Certificate of Recognition from WorkSafeBC and the BCCSA for an “occupational health and safety management system that goes beyond the current legal requirements…[recognizing] employers that are proactive about improving workplace safety, and dedicated to continual improvement”.
  • ISNetworld certified.
  • Regular training on best industry practices and procedures for our employees.
  • Our COVID-19 Safety Plan complies with Canadian Construction Association COVID-19 – Standardized Protocols for All Canadian Construction Sites, Provincial Regulations and Federal Site-Specific Guidelines.