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Solid Services

Starting well sends a project on its way to finishing well. We provide the site preparation, site remediation and habitat restoration services you need in order to start construction.

Site Preparation Services

Site Preparation

Thorough site preparation work must be completed before construction can begin. Our work is completed to specification, on-time and with respect to health and safety and environmental regulations.

Land Clearing

Bulk Excavation




Soil Remediation Services

Site Remediation

Dealing with contaminated materials is sensitive and complex. Our site remediation service is able to remove and treat material from sites of any size while meeting Ministry of Environment guidelines.

Soil Removal

Soil Treatment

Oil Tank Removal

Habitat Restoration

Habitat Restoration

Native natural ecosystems are vulnerable to human impact. Our habitat restoration services renew and restore natural landscapes, returning them to a functioning environment in which native species can thrive.

Riparian Restoration

Fish Habitat & Wetlands Enhancements

Erosion & Sediment Control

Channel Diversions & Construction

Drum Pickup

The soil samples and drill cuttings can be cumbersome and difficult to dispose of. Summit is equipped to provide cost-effective and fully certified drum pickup by environmental remediation experts.

More About Drum Pickup

Creosote Lumber Disposal

The disposal of creosote lumber is restricted to a few specialized venues—and for good reason. Summit provides cost-effective, safe creosote lumber disposal by environmental remediation experts.

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Hydrovac Disposal

The contents of a hydrovac truck can’t be disposed of at most soil treatment facilities when soil contamination is present. Let our remediation experts take it off your hands.

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Fill Site Management

Keep your fill site running smoothly. We follow best fill site management practices, create and follow detailed site plans, and always get the job done in a low impact manner.

More About Fill Site Management

Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Management

We bring expertise in utilizing ethnographic and traditional elements to offer senior project supervision for diverse components, encompassing archaeological oversight, chance find policies, and protocols.

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