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Drum Pickup

Cost effective and fully certified drum pickup by environmental remediation experts

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The Reliable, Economical Way to Maintain Regulatory Compliance

The soil samples, drill cuttings and purge water generated by a well-executed site investigation can be cumbersome and difficult to dispose of in accordance with Ministry of Environment guidelines. Environmental consultants in the Lower Mainland know we are their best bet for reliable, economical, and fully certified drum pickup and disposal of soil samples and drill cuttings.

We have the expertise and the certification to manage drum pickup for either small containers or standard 55-gallon drums. We have the capability to correctly interpret your analytical data to manage your soil, purge water, and drill cuttings in accordance with government regulations. At our Ministry of Environment permitted disposal facilities where your soil samples, purge water, and drill cuttings will be safely and correctly disposed of.

We are the Lower Mainland’s environmental remediation experts, so our clients can be confident that our process is efficient and safe. We pride ourselves on fast and friendly service at cost-effective rates.

To offer environmental consultants fully certified, safe, and high-quality drum pickup and disposal, we have:

  • A 10 Million Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance Policy
  • A Ministry of Environment Permit
  • WorkSafe
  • COR Certification
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certification
  • Level 1 First Aid Certification
  • Crane Operator Certification

Choose Summit and choose an economical and fully certified drum pickup and disposal solution.

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What We Do

Oil Drum

Drum Pickup

Removing small containers or standard 55-gallon drums filled with soil samples, purge water and drilling cutting from sites with our certified crane truck and operator.

Drill Cuttings

Soil & Water Drum Disposal

Interpreting our environmental consultants’ analytical data in order to safely and correctly dispose of drums of soil and water at our permitted facilities.

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