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Derwent Way Soil Transfer and Barge Loading Facility

Summit Earthworks is proposing to build and operate a soil transfer and barge loading facility on a lease parcel adjacent to the Derwent Way bridge in the Queensborough area of New Westminster.

This summary is intended to identify the integral components of both the construction and operation of the facility.

Proposed site activities at this facility includes the following:

Transfer of soil and/or gravel to/from site via truck:

  1. Trucks carrying materials arrive at designated entry location via Salter Street, proceed through weigh scale, check in with site staff
  2. Trucks unload:
    1. Soils to Waste Offload/Storage Area; or,
    2. Gravel to the Gravel Storage Bays.
  3. Trucks that have entered the Waste Offload/Storage Area proceed to Wheel Wash station for wheel washing prior to re-entering ‘Clean Asphalt Zone’
  4. Empty trucks proceed to exit or load soils from Waste Offload/Storage Area for transport to permanent facilities
  5. Trucks proceed to weigh scale, check out with site staff
  6. Trucks exit via the north entry/exit
  7. Empty trucks enter site via the south access point
  8. Trucks load gravel at the Gravel Storage Bays
  9. Trucks proceed to weigh scale, check out with site staff
  10. Trucks exit via the north entry/exit onto Salter Street

Transfer of soil to barges:

  1. Front-end loaders transfer soils from Waste Offload/Storage Area to hopper
  2. Soil transfer via hopper onto covered conveyor belt
  3. Soils are deposited from conveyor to barge via a telescopic loading spout
  4. Loaders move and distribute soils over the barge deck


  1. Minor equipment maintenance, occasional onsite fueling

The primary use of the site is for the transfer of soil from truck to barge. Proposed ancillary uses include the temporary storage and transfer of gravel via truck and the transfer of soil offsite via truck; the need for and frequency of the ancillary uses will be determined once the facility is in operation.

Further documentation regarding the site is available through the Port of Vancouver at

Contact us at with questions.