Civil Construction, Habitat Restoration, Instream Work

Boulder Creek Dam

Summit Earthworks Inc. was selected by the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (“BC Hydro”) to complete Boulder Creek Dam’s Toe Repair.

Boulder Creek is a steep mountain creek located West of Hope, BC and a tributary feeding the Wahleach Reservoir (a.k.a. Jones Lake). The diversion berm also protects an intake structure that diverts flows through the berm into Jones Creek for ecological purposes.

Responsibilities included:

  • Propose, design and construction access into the Boulder Creek stream
  • Propose, design and construct and deactivate water management systems to isolate and temporarily divert Boulder Creek flows around the work area (to be proposed by the contractor)
  • Excavation of riprap toe under 73 metres of Boulder Creek “diversion dam”, temporary spoiling of excavated material
  • Transition repairs into existing works while maintaining “smooth” hydraulic transition. Removal of material below existing grouted riprap
  • Supply and install 500 kg class riprap below the creek bed to create a riprap toe to repair erosion on damaged sections of grouted riprap as per the design and specifications

General scope, outline and project activities include:

  • Placing grouted riprap underneath a 73 m section of grouted Rip Rap at the toe of Boulder Creek Diversion Berm The new riprap toe will be approximately 1.5 m vertical below the existing creek bed for scour protection. Riprap as placed at a 1.0 – 1.5H:1V (steeper than the existing bank) to minimize encroachment into the channel
  • Placed grout in areas of riprap utilizing specialized pumping equipment to obtain grout penetration. Typical riprap layer thickness is approximately 1200 mm
  • Placed a non-grouted riprap toe. This non-grouted riprap (voids filled with naturally occurring sand and gravels) will act as self-launching toe protection and provide additional toe scour protection
  • Backfilling over the new grouted toe to re-establish the channel bed


Jones Lake