Habitat Restoration, Instream Work, Sediment Removal

Davies Creek Emergency Debris Removal Works

BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy
$ 340,000.00

Summit Earthworks (Summit) was selected by Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (MoECCS) via public tender to complete the emergency debris removal and bank protection work at Davies Creek.

Sartori Environmental Inc. was employed by Summit to perform environmental monitoring and fish and wildlife salvage activities during instream works in response to catastrophic atmospheric river flooding in November 2021.

Work Scope Included:

  • Removal of up to approximately 4,320 m3 of debris over an area of approximately 1,675 m2, including, but not limited to, logs, boulders and sediment.
  • Clearing of up to 5,380 m2 of riparian vegetation to facilitate access for debris removal.
  • Placement of riprap within the excavated areas.
  • Restoration planting within the riparian zone.


Durieu, BC