Habitat Restoration, Instream Work, Sediment Removal

Deroche Creek – Emergency Debris Removal Works


Leq’á:mel First Nations & BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy
$ 500,000.00
2023 EMA of BC Remediation and Restoration Award Recipient 

Recommended by Leq’á:mel First Nations, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (MOECCS) selected Summit Earthworks (Summit) to complete the Deroche Creek Emergency Sediment Removal for phases 1 & 2.

Summit was able to transport three excavators, two rock trucks and several pieces of support equipment to the site within 24 hours notice to complete the repairs within the limited time frame. The project consisted of protecting 3 large tree groupings within reach 2 using a mix of 500 class rip rap and in-situ streambed material, excavation and grading of Stage 4 limits focused on filling depressions in the channel and re-establishing the pre-Atmospheric River Event bed levels. Excess excavated materials were hauled offsite taken to a designated spot on Leq’á:mel First Nations land and stockpiled for future reuse. Any materials not hauled offsite was used to construct the access road to the east.

All hazard trees were removed, roots left in place, and salvageable timbers stockpiled for Leq’á:mel First Nation members for fuel source collection. Excavation and regrading within Stage 3 was completed to establish pre–Atmospheric River Event bed levels and alignment aimed at reducing future bank erosion. Knotweed was identified, flagged and isolated from the construction activities. Within Stages 1 and 2, excavation and grading were directed by the project hydrologist and engineers to re-establish a fish access channel and reach pre-Atmospheric River Event bed levels. Selected trees were removed to establish a pilot channel west into the Nicomen Slough. The Stage 2 excavation was isolated by berms on both ends until completed.   

General scope, outline and project activities include:

  • Removal of watercourse substrate (including sediment or debris) using a variety of Heavy Equipment including Rock Trucks, Excavators, and Dump Trucks.
  • Removal and off-site disposal of large woody debris collected from the watercourse.
  • Bank restoration and installation of erosion protection measures.
  • Re-establish a fish access channel and reach pre-Atmospheric River Event bed levels.
  • Created a haul road constructed of excavated onsite materials.
  • Clearing and grubbing & removal of riparian vegetation for site access.
  • Creation of a sediment trap, focused on capturing fine debris from run off waters before reaching the highwater channel.












Deroche, BC