Civil Construction, Habitat Restoration

Fraser Riverbank Protection

North West Hydraulic Consultants identified areas of serious concern regarding scour and poorly protected riverbank in February 2018. A follow-up inspection was conducted during low water by NHC in April of 2018, this report recommends upgrading the erosion protection as soon as possible to ensure the integrity of local critical dyke systems.

The City of Chilliwack is tasked with maintaining its dikes, as the local diking authority, and felt the repairs are necessary to maintain existing critical diking to ensure the Chilliwack region’s protection.

Summit Crews used its own excavation equipment complete with hydraulic thumb attachment to strategically place 10,000 m3 of 1000kg clean angular rock within a 130 lin.m. long section of the existing dike, reachable via McGrath Rd located west of the Agassiz-Rosedale Bridge. The required Rip Rap for this project was so massive that only three pcs at a time could be loaded into a tandem and delivered to the site on each trip. Summit used two large excavators to load and place the massive Rip Rap pieces, strategically locking them into place. This project was completed within 2 months, on time and under budget.

The general scope outline and project activities include:

  • Supply and Placement of 13,000MT of 1000kg Angular Rip Rap for Scour Protection.
  • Implementation of Erosion Protection Plan.
  • Completion of Scour & Erosion Protection in compliance with Standards and best practices for Instream works.


The City of Chilliwack