Site Remediation


Soil Amendment, Transport & Disposal | Harbour Ave., N.Vancouver, BC

Summit Earthworks completed this environmental remediation project on behalf of Port Metro Vancouver. The remediation was part of a property transfer for the road re-alignment adjacent to Lynnterm Terminals in North Vancouver. The former industrial site required onsite handling & management, transport & disposal of soils containing hazardous waste (HW), levels of leachable mercury and other metals concentrations to IL+ land use standards. The project objectives were:

  • The onsite stabilization of HW Mercury soils to bind the leachable mercury (thus amending soils to IL+ standards) to
    make it acceptable for transport and disposal
  • Metals contaminated soil excavation, transport & disposal to our MoE permitted facility.

General scope, outline and project activities include:

  • Metals contaminated soil excavation, transport & disposal to Summit Earthworks MoE permitted facility.
  • Performed bench test prior to soil amendment to establish ideal ratio of stabilizing agents.
  • Amendment of leachable mercury containing hazardous waste soil to non-hazardous (IL+) levels and transport to Summit
    Earthworks disposal facility.
  • Conduct soil sampling & data analysis on stabilized soil in compliance with the government guidelines.
  • Conduct soil excavation adjacent to CN RoW, as per Geotech recommendation to protect CN rail retaining wall.
  • The excavated areas were restored including backfilling & compaction as per contract requirements.