MAPLE BENCHLANDS PROJECT: Stormwater Management, 271st, Maple Ridge
Habitat Restoration

Maple Benchlands

Selected by Mondiale Development, Summit Earthworks was contracted to construct Phase 1 of the new Maple Benchlands housing developments on-site Stormwater Management structures. Work included inground stormwater tanks, interceptor trench, multiple ponds, a network of drainage bioswales and a compensation channel. The current storm system proved to be under capacity in past years and required an extensive upgrade to trap and redirect surface water to the lower stormwater pond.

This was due to it frequently being overwhelmed during heavy rain events. Creus Engineering developed a stormwater containment and management plan designed to trap and slowly release the surface flows into a series of stormwater ponds. Summit worked with local subcontractors to facilitate the falling of 88 trees within the project footprint. The non-merchantable timbers and root-wads remaining after grubbing were collected and utilized to restore the riparian habitat upon completion of the five various stormwater design structures.

General scope, outline and project activities include:

  • Falling of 88 Trees, Clearing & Grubbing, Collection of logs and Large Woody Debris for Reuse onsite.
  • Creation of interceptor collection trench with perf pipe 150 Lin.m.
  • Creation of two stormwater collection ponds with Riparian Planting.
  • Installation of two below ground Stormbrixx water retention tanks.
  • Creation of compensation channel with LWD, Coho Gravels & Rock Weirs – 230 Lin. m.
  • Bio Swale Restoration 4,00m2 – Clearing & Grubbing, Invasive collection & Disposal, Restoration Planting & Custom Hydroseeding application.

Compensation Channel Enhancement & Stormwater Pond Creation:

  • 2 In Ground Stormbrixx Stormwater Infiltration/Retention Tanks (Each 13.2m L x 5.4m W & 0.91m D) & Gravel Access Road.
  • 150 Lin. m. Interceptor Trench with Impervious Liner and Perforated Pipe.
  • 82 m3 Wetland Detention Pond with 2 Low Flow Manholes, Impervious Liner, Spill Way and Riparian Wetland Enhancements.
  • 230 Lin. m. 3.5m Wide Compensation Channel with Impervious Liner, Large Woody Debris, Rock Weirs, and Coho Gravels.
  • 4107 m2 of Bio Swale Clearing & Grubbing with Custom Riparian Planting Beds & Hydroseed with Kodiak Enviro-law seed mixture.
  • 30 m3 – 4 Tier Stepped Compensation Ponds with Imperious Liner and Alternating Spill Way Layout, Custom Riparian Wetland Planting Pockets, Large Woody Debris & Accent Boulders.
  • Riparian Plantings 4,652 pcs.