Habitat Restoration, Instream Work, Sediment Removal

Pattison Creek



BC – Ministry of Environment & Climate Change





Summit Earthworks was selected by Associated Engineering (AE) on behalf of the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (MoECCS) to perform the sediment removal from Pattison Creek deposited by the November 2021 Atmospheric River Event (ARE).

An environmental management plan from MOTI was provided, and together with our Qualified Environmental Professional, Summit developed a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) for the project. Available equipment not previously equipped with vegetable-based oils were serviced accordingly for the execution of the project. Summit with Associated Engineering identified areas of concern outside the initial project footprint. In consultation with the Leq’a:mel First Nations hydrologist and cultural monitors, Associated Engineering, MoECCS representatives and design engineers applied in the section 11 amendment to extend the project footprint. The extension included 30 meters of creek-side sediment excavation, bank realignment, and restoration. A creek diversion plan was developed to limit sediment release into the active stream, and creek isolation with fish salvage was determined to be required and executed on two occasions.

General scope, outline and project activities include:
  • Site isolation using strategic mega sandbags for a temporary diversion channel, and discharge pumping.
  • Removal of watercourse substrate (including sediment & debris) by mechanical means including multiple excavators, rock trucks and dump trucks.
  • Clearing and grubbing of woody debris from the access road and watercourses and off-site disposal at an approved location.
  • Bank repairs and installation of Rip Rap erosion protection measures.
  • Fish passage was maintained around the isolated work zones through the implementation of a diversion channel, under the supervision of a QEP.
  • Rehabilitated the areas of the streambank disturbed during the works to a stable condition.


Pattison Creek