Shorewalk Habitat Restoration Project
Habitat Restoration


Situated on the Corner of the Ladner Slough and the City of Delta Pump Station outfall at River Road and Elliot Street, the residents at the Shorewalk Condominium contracted North West Hydraulic Consultants to assess the erosion concerns surrounding the property.

This project concentrated on two major areas identified by North West Hydraulic Consultants during their property assessment, these were the South Arm located directly west of the City of Delta’s pump station outfall pipe and River Road and the West Site which faces the Ladner Slough and across from Delta’s South Arm Marshes and the Fraser River.

Summit Earthworks was contracted by the Strata Management corporation Wynford Group to mitigate the erosion concerns at these two sites by rebuilding the banks and armouring the slopes with riprap, granular aggregates and filter fabric and replanting the rebuilt slopes with native riparian species commonly found on the west coast.

The Ladner Slough is a refuge for many wildlife species, while constructing the project Summit has observed the following species within and surrounding the project site including: Beaver, Swans, Geese, Blue Herron and various Song Birds.

Project Details:

  • Construction of Temporary access ramp
  • Clearing, Grubbing & Disposal of Brush, Invasive Species (Blackberry & Japanese Knotweed) and 5 Caliper Trees
  • 30” Rip Rap – Supply & Placement – 305 Tonnes
  • 75mm Clear – Supply & Placement – 24 Tonnes
  • 9mm Minus – Supply & Placement – 27 Tonnes
  • Erosion Control Blanket – Supply & Installation – 13 Rolls
  • Growing Medium – Placement and Fine Grading – 185 m3
  • Riparian Restoration – 4246 Pcs – Suppled & Installed
    • 7cm Caliper Trees – 4 Pcs – Staked & Strapped with Beaver Protection Fencing
  • Maintenance – 2 Years
  • Reconstruction of Planting Bed

Shorewalk Habitat Restoration Project


River Road, Ladner, BC