Ann Mohs Wins Big in Great Britain

Ann Mohs is an elite Senior Athlete sponsored by Summit Earthworks, Inc. Recently (August 8 – 16, 2022), Ann, a member of the Canadian National Team competed in the International Va’a (Outrigger) Federation World Sprint Championships in Great Britain. Ann raced in 3 age categories: Women’s 60+, Women’s 70+ and Women’s 75+.

She won Gold in Women’s 75+ (V1) solo 500 meter, setting a world record in her heat, with a time of 3:10.71 (minutes). In the final, she was 29.04 seconds ahead of her nearest rival from the USA. Ann also won Silver in the 70+ women’s 500-meter sprint and 3 ‘team’ Silver medals with her Women’s 70+ team, Pacific Spirit.

V1 stands for one-person Va’a. The Va’a is the most ancient boat in the world. The Tahitian term Va’a is used to differentiate it from the ruddered OC-1 (one-person outrigger canoe). V1s are traditionally defined by an open cockpit and no rudder. Va’a canoes have been utilized by Hawaiians, Tahitians and Samoans to travel the Pacific Ocean over the past 4,000+ years. Single-person Va’a canoes measure about 7.5 meters long and weigh roughly 10 kilos (about 22+lbs) depending on material used in its building; while V-6 (6-person) canoes measure 13 meters and weigh in from 140 lbs (termed “Unlimited”) to 400 lbs (termed “Spec”).

Ann’s results


  • 35 Women 75+ V1 (Heat) 500 meters 3:10.71 World Record
  • 35 Women 75+ V1 (Final) 500 meters 3:15.35 1st Place – GOLD Medal · 29.04 seconds ahead of 2nd place
  • 100 Women 70+ V1 (Final) 500 meters 3:23.04 3:21.48 2nd Place – SILVER Medal 1st Place teammate Kat Town · 1.56 second difference
  • 373 Women 70+ V-6 (Final) 500 meters 2:32.01 2:31.82 2nd Place TEAM SILVER Medal 1st Place Hawaii · 0.19 second difference
  • 276 Women 70+ V-6 (Final) 500 meters (1 turn) 2:49.44 2.48.09 2nd Place TEAM SILVER Medal 1st Place Hawaii · 1.35 seconds difference
  • 126 Women 70+ V12 (Final) 500 meters 2:39.15 2:34.82 2nd Place – TEAM SILVER Medal 1st Place – Hawaii · 4.33 seconds difference

Ann’s next goal is to do well in Samoa at the IVF World Distance Championships in Samoa 2023.

Everyone at Summit would like to congratulate Ann for her achievements this year and we look forward to her participation in future races!