Newly Elected EMA of BC Board Member

We are proud to announce and congratulate Andrew Schmidt, Summit Earthworks’ Facilities Manager, who was elected to the Board of the Environmental Managers Association (EMA) of BC during their AGM meeting late last month.

Andrew will work closely with other elected Board Members and association members to continue advocating for education and information sharing on critical environmental issues affecting BC.

Congratulations Andrew!














About the EMA of BC

The EMA of BC is a non-profit organization that was founded in the early 1990s. A group of environmental managers performing environmental work in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors banded together to share their environmental management experiences and learn from one another as they tried to understand and cope with emerging environmental regulations. The association was originally named “iciEMA” to reflect the membership of industrial, commercial, and institutional organizations.

As the amount and scope of environmental work expanded, the membership criteria was opened up to include a broader range of environmental companies and others conducting environmental work such as environmental consulting firms, laboratories, law firms, and other service providers. The number of member companies immediately doubled and the association’s name was changed to the Environmental Managers Association (EMA) of BC.