Summit Earthworks Supports Quesnel Teen in Bull Riding Pursuits

At Summit Earthworks, we believe in supporting local talent and nurturing passions that drive individuals to achieve their goals. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of a young and promising rodeo enthusiast, Jaxen Kirk, as he embarks on an exciting chapter in his journey.

A Passionate Beginnings – From Sheep to Steers

Meet Jaxen, a dedicated and hardworking 15-year-old with a deep love for rodeo. Hailing from Quesnel, BC, Jaxen’s connection to the rodeo world runs deep within his family’s traditions. Since the age of 11, Jaxen has been stepping into the arena with unwavering enthusiasm, embodying the spirit of rodeo in every ride.

Jaxen’s commitment and work ethic extend beyond the rodeo arena. With a flock of 22 sheep under his care at his family’s ranch, he has learned valuable life skills that have laid the foundation for his determined approach. Jaxen’s willingness to take on responsibilities around the ranch showcases his proactive attitude, identifying tasks that need attention and ensuring they are completed to perfection.

Partnering for Success

This is where Summit Earthworks steps in. As a company deeply rooted in community values and dedicated to supporting local endeavours, we are proud to stand beside Jaxen as he chases his rodeo dreams. Our sponsorship aims not only to alleviate financial barriers but also to allow Jaxen to represent Summit Earthworks in his riding gear proudly.

Jaxen embodies the qualities that resonate with Summit Earthworks’ core values—hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude. We are confident that his journey will reflect his personal growth and the values we hold dear as a company. 

As Jaxen takes on the 2023 BCRA season and beyond, Summit Earthworks invites you to follow his journey. We are excited to witness his growth and achievements, knowing our support contributes to his success. Through this sponsorship, we inspire others to pursue their passions and overcome challenges with the same determination and spirit that Jaxen embodies.

His dedication and perseverance have captured our admiration. We are honoured to be a part of your journey and look forward to seeing you thrive both on and off the rodeo arena. Summit Earthworks is behind you every step of the way!