New Stage 14 Soil Relocation Amendments and How Summit Earthworks Can Help

The BC Ministry of Environment is bringing significant new requirements for the movement of non-contaminated soil in BC, through amendments to the Contaminated Sites Regulation (CSR). The amendments will come into force March 1st, 2023.

As we look ahead, we anticipate our partners and clients who remove soil from sites with schedule 2 activities will likely experience additional delays, which can and probably will impact the completion of their project timelines.

However, Summit Earthworks is able to provide relief for some of these challenges. Those will include:

  • The Notification Procedure: Our soil treatment facilities are Ministry of Environment permitted and are exempt from the notification procedure when receiving material from a source site. (Estimated time saved for clients, 4 business days)
  • Protocol 19 Sampling Requirements: Summit will perform the necessary soil and vapour sampling once we have taken ownership of the material at our Ministry of Environment permitted facilities. (Estimated time saved for clients, 3-5 business days)

The total number of estimated project days saved when working with Summit is 2 weeks.

The language within the Environmental Management Act that exempts the source site from having to get a soil relocation notification when sending soil to Summit’s permitted facilities is found in section 55 (5).

Our team at Summit Earthworks is highly experienced and equipped to ensure safe and efficient soil removal from your sites. We are committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients and ensuring to the best of our ability their projects are completed on time and within budget.

Contact our head office at 604-820-0569 if you need additional soil disposal project support.